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This is the studio of my hometown pal Rog. 
he has ben pluggin away out in B.C for a number of years, but he is heading back home and he is pretty darn excited to start spending more time  working on his craft.
all of which you will be able to find right here!

rog is one of the good guys, genuine, creative, and very much one of a kind, as are the pieces he designs!
i would best describe his work as having a super cool raw primitive vibe!
sawing, carving, whittling, and shaping his own handmade findings out of earthy materials,
into the most brilliant of designs.
he invests a monsoon of creative energy and work into each piece from beginning to end.

anyone would be lucky to have one of his pieces in their collection. 

i asked Rog to write a bio for me to add here to give you a feel of who he is as an artist:

"Everything has a story to tell.
the medium has its story, i have mine and you have yours.
i am not so much a creator as a facilitator.
if i did my job properly, you are intertwined in the story of the piece along with me."

copper moose studio

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