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I have always been one to wear what I want,

and was never concerned about

following trends etc.

Trends are cool too, but it's all about what YOU personally feel

comfortable and confident in.

I guess I've always just kind of marched

to the beat of my own drum.

In fact my dad to this day,

(I am a 50 something grown adult)

still looks and my mom and says,

"what the heck is she wearing now!" 

Haha but true story!

I have always chosen my wardrobe on what I feel is fun, comfortable and ME!


Style is fantastic.

It allows us to change things up as we go,

reflecting our continuous growth as we move through life. 

Having the confidence to express ourselves through clothing is something people build up over time.

Walking around feeling uncomfortable in clothing because it’s “not you”

and is instead something you’re wearing to please others will only destroy your confidence.

Be sure to choose what makes YOU feel comfortable and feel good, whatever it may be!!!


Take joy in picking out your daily outfit, have fun shopping for clothing,

and feel comfortable in what you wear!

Your confidence will grow, and expressing yourself through clothing will come naturally. 


The freedom that comes with self-expression

is magnificent and sets you on a path to being

a happier version of yourself.


When you glow, people notice. 

So many people have said to me,

"I wish I could pull off wearing a hat"!

To anyone that has ever felt this way whether its a hat or ...... ?!?

If you Love the Hat, and Want to Wear the Hat..... Wear the Hat!!! 




Wanderlust Fashions & Wares has a Boutique Room located in Shell Lake, Sask with an Online Shop

offering products with the

Wanderlust Fashions & Wares Brand,

as well as Brand Names such as

Ampersand Ave, Zenana, Judy Blue, KanCan, Mono B and more!


About me

I come from a Family of small business owners

and grew up working at our family businesses from a young age.
I started up my first small retail business back in 1997, and I continued to run other

small business ventures off and on alongside my regular employment for a number of years.
I paused with a decision to go back to school, and went on to full-time opportunities

that were in line with my college training, working as

both a Special Education Assistant and

Group Home Youth Care Worker.
In the fall of 2019, I was forced to take leave from my full time job due to a decline in my health.
After 2 years of doctoring, I was able to start treatments that gave me some relief.

My physical limitations continued to hold me back

from being able to return to the physical demands of my position.

 I needed to start looking at alternative options that would work for me.

It was an "is what it is" situation, and I looked at it as an opportunity and a sign that it may be

good timing for me to return to my love of fashion and small business!

 .... the decision to re-launch

Wanderlust Fashions & Wares was made!

This was my trade name years ago for retail and services, where I operated as a vendor at

Music Festivals and Trade Shows.

The majority of my product offerings back then and throughout the years, consisted of free spirit styles,

sourcing my wares from all kinds of locations around the world.

Fast forward to now!

The Wanderlust Fashions & Wares Brand Collection

offers a wide range of apparel to fit

any woman’s unique sense of style

We have Fashions for everyone <3 

Trending Fashions AND Free-Spirit Fashions

 Regular Sizing from Small - XXL

and Plus Size options up to 5XL

My Plus Size Catalog will be growing!

In the spirit of the 

Wanderlust Fashions & Wares name,

my offerings still very much also continue to include fashions, accessories,

and gifts that keep the original wanderlust vibe.


If there is something you would like me

to find for you, just shoot me a message.

I have connections to many awesome wholesale suppliers from around the globe,

and I am always happy to help find what you are looking for at the best price possible.




Living simple is where I'm at in life!

My goal with this business is all about doing something

I love, that makes me feel good while I am on the mend,

and moving forward hopefully with it for years to come.

I am living the richest life right now, with the seemingly

hopeful comeback of my health,

and just enjoying all the little things,

and appreciating my amazing family <3


-   please share my little shop with your family & friends  -


​I value your feedback, whether positive or constructive, and will continuously work to improve your experience.

If you are a first-time visitor  or a past customer of mine,

I hope you will be happy with every aspect of your Wanderlust Fashions & Wares Shopping Experience.







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